Nazenani Horizon Part 3 – Horizon’s decision

This is ep 9. The anime kept a lot of the lines, but I don’t think you quite appreciate them until you read the previous two conversations between the two, because this “wraps it up.” The last part would be in the last episode, but I think that one doesn’t add as much, as it has mostly to do with the effects of Greed upon her newfound wants.

Toori clenched his fists too and yelled.

“Then there’s no helping it! Hey, Horizon. Ask him. Ask Tenzou your question.”

Jud., the one-haired automata turned to Tenzou without emotion. Her question, as she tilted her head to the side,

“It may be a redundant question, but, …why, are you going to save the person named Mary-sama?”

That was indeed a question that had been asked many times. He’d asked himself the same question over and over again.

However, the pondering would always end at the wound on his back. The meaning behind it was certain, so,

“I want to go take Lady Mary.”

“Take? Even if the person in question does not desire it, and wants death instead?”

It was like a parrot’s repetition, but Tenzou nodded.

“If Lady Mary is lost, I will be sad.”

That was it. It had nothing to do with how others, her included, felt.

“I do not like sadness. –Shinobi (忍) are when you hide the soul (心) beneath the blade (刃). It is a well-designed letter. That is why shinobi are often told to restrain their emotions. However,”


“From the letter shinobi, the letter kokoro (soul) has never disappeared.”


She asked.

“In Horizon’s case, if Horizon were to be lost, … would someone have been sad?”

Not just Tenzou, but everyone here answered her question.

“… Jud.!”

Jud. Jud. Jud., they all said the same word that overlapped each other. That their decision was not a mistake.


Horizon asked. There was a bit of confusion mixed in,

“If Mary-sama is lost, would Horizon, too, be saddened?”

Everyone looked at him. How is it, they seemed to ask.

But the answer had already been known.

“Jud., even if you do not know her now, when the time comes that you know of her, –absolutely.
You would think that we had lost a good person, that you would have wanted to speak to her, you would absolutely think that.”



“–if Tenzou-sama saves Mary-sama, would that wish be granted.”

Her words were more like a confirmation than a question.

“Likewise, if, Horizon were to, choose to save people from all loss, then would Horizon be able to avoid feeling sorrow?”

… an astonishing statement…!

Horizon herself may not have realized it, but what she said was insane.

After all, the idiot sang the tune of conquering the world, and by his side his partner began singing the tune of saving the world.

… and that was simply because she did not want to feel sad!

Then, abruptly, Horizon nodded. She bowed her head to him,

“I am sorry, Tenzou-sama. The question just now, Horizon was given enough guidance to generate a solution within Horizon. That is–“

That is,

“Toori-sama, if Toori-sama is going to conquer the world to gather the Logismoi Oplo to save the world, in order to give negative emotions to Horizon and end up at happiness, then Horizon states, from the parallel line:”

She took a breath.

“It is parallel. –Horizon determines that Horizon will save the world from the greatest loss called the end of the world, and then, having no need of the negative emotions gained, will end up at happiness.”


  • I really wish more time had been given to Toori and Horizon’s scenes in S2. Their interactions truly are one of the best points in the series.
    Really, I feel like S2 could have used more episode overall.
    Thanks for translating these snippets anyway, very interesting.

    • Thanks for reading :3

  • Thanks for good work.

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