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All content moved over, new ACL for permissions, finally

Didn’t mean to do it tonight but whatever.

All content should be moved over now – let me know if there’s anything missing. The old one is still up for now but I’ll be removing it in the next few days after I make sure nothing’s missing.

I’d rather not have had to resort to this (as it sorta goes against the point of it being a wiki ._.) but I guess if anyone wants to get editor permissions let me know… preferably in a comment in any of the blog posts, as WordPress does a better job of letting me know I have a message than wiki. Didn’t think spambots/vandals would be this annoying *sigh*


  • And where I can read Zaregoto now?

  • offensive dodging me when I finally attempt to edit huh?

  • Phenomeno – Page not found.

  • Thank you.

  • I downloaded the visual novel. It worked pretty well but suddenly the text was back to Japanese. I tried whatever I could, downloaded a trial patch from mediafire and added the contents to the main folder. Still the problem persists. Sometimes, the screen is full of boxes, then sometimes it loads till the part it was English and sometimes it is completely Japanese. It happened in fall, maybe in midway when Nagi was frantically searching for Yoishi in the threads and then Krishna mailed him to come to the place written on the card. And after that the patch error appears. Is it a bug or the patch works till that point? Gomen if I bothered for a stupid problem but I can’t seem to find any solution for it ^_^”

    • Hiya, I wouldn’t call it a stupid problem, but to be honest, I had nothing to do with the VN >_> I just translated the LN, then someone noticed there’s a VN and placed my t/l into it :< So I have no idea, unfortunately.

      • Soukka.
        Then I guess, I’ll try downloading another file. If not, then I’ll the rest here. Thanks for replying so soon ^_^
        I downloaded my file from nyaatorrent. Is there another link I could download this VN from?

        • The Japanese version can be found at the N+ site (http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/game/phenomeno/) if that’s what you were asking about. Not sure about the t/l, I just vaguely remember someone pointing me out to a forum somewhere.

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