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Feb 23, 2013 - Translation, Zaregoto    21 Comments

Zaregoto 4-2 done

At long last. Although this time I blame the Phenomeno interjection :3
Mostly a conversation chapter. Almost halfway done with this volume actually~!

I should probably add that another blog update probably won’t come for a while. The next chapter is 80(!) pages, and the first section is 40 pages. I’ll ponder breaking the “post after every chapter” rule for that section though… we’ll see. If I don’t post for a while that’s why.

Feb 4, 2013 - Phenomeno, Translation    51 Comments

Phenomeno “Raven Notes” complete

And it is here. That should? wrap up Phenomeno for good, I think. Enjoy.

Also I apologize, I feel like (probably rightfully so to be honest >_>) my translation speed is inversely proportional to the busy-ness of work. Nyargh. It’ll be a rocky ride until my March deadline.