Dec 16, 2013 - Translation, Zaregoto    7 Comments

Zaregoto 5-3 done

Why did this happen? (rhetorical question

Unfortunately now I’m heading out of the country until January… Happy Holidays and Happy New Years.

And a sorry.


  • Nothing to be sorry about :D Thx for the hard work!

  • A great gift for christmas, thank you! Enjoy your holidays.

  • Thank you for continuing! Take your time and don’t burn yourself out! Have a happy holiday/vacation thing!

  • thank you very much, again.

    really appreaciated your translated zaregoto.

    cant wait …..

  • Thanks for translating Zaregoto! Have a fun holiday :)

  • Can’t wait to see jaws drop when people realise the solution to the murder was right under their nose for the past two chapters XD

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOOOUUUU!!!!!
    I’ve dreamed to find a good translation of zaregoto’s novels from years!!!!!
    I love any of Nisio’s (tranlated)works and Zaregoto (at least the two translated books) are on my top list.
    STILL Thank you for the great work!!!

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