Feb 20, 2014 - Translation, Zaregoto    7 Comments

Zaregoto 5-5 done

That said, this was a bit of sad translation binge over a whole day, so there’re bound to be a lot of typos and grammatical errors and such.

Astute readers will pick up on what’s going on by the end of that chapter if I didn’t completely fail.

If not, hopefully I’ll have the epilogue done soon…


  • thank you so much for these translations :D
    i can’t thank you enough for translating this series
    you’re the best!

  • thanks again >///<

  • You’re fantastic. Can we also hope for Cannibal Magical in due time? I kind of browsed through it with my pitiful Japanese, but it seemed very good and most agree it’s the best book out of the series anyway…

    • Well, I don’t really intend to stop, so… I hope so? >_>

  • Thank you very much. You did a great job. I hope that you’ll continue to translate Zaregoto – you’re are our only hope.

  • Wow! Fantastic! Thanks again!

  • Shaft will probably the studio behind this but I wonder if they ll get Oishi to direct this. He s going to be done with the Kizu movies this year anyway.

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