May 2, 2014 - Translation    18 Comments

Wiki headaches and update on status (FIXED)

Just (belatedly) noticed the borked wiki… going to try to figure out how to fix it :(

Also hoping to resume (belatedly again) in May…

Update 5/3:

Finished copying stuff over. Let me know if you notice any issues, otherwise it should be good to go. Hopefully back in the next couple weeks to resume…


  • Oh wow, I hope everything works out okay!

  • yeah, the link translation is not working.

    • Yes I know :( manually copying and pasting wiki data /sigh

  • is it fixed? I can’t find the link for the translation.

  • Are you going back to translation Phenomeno?

    • It’s on the backburner — I’m prioritizing Zaregoto and don’t really have that much time available, unfortunately. If I finish Zaregoto then I’ll take a look, but yeah :( Sorry.

  • Thanks for the translation. Any chance of making a PDF of volume 4 and 5?

    • Hmm… I could look into it. Haven’t really had much free time of late though x_X

  • first of all thank you so much for translating zaregoto i remember finding the two novel that were published in america and fell in love with it and i was deeply saddened by the fact that there were no more books to read and then you started translating them thank you i really appreciate you for this

  • second two questing would you translate the ningen spin off after you are done translating zaregoto and next one is there ever a plan to translate tokage no ou series i had read the manga (which ended to quickly) and have been wishing someone would translate it i just cant wait to see were this series goes

    • Allo, I’m hoping to translate Ningen after Zaregoto (or rather I count them all as one series), but it’s a ways off so all I can really say is “we’ll see when I finish Zaregoto” >_>;

      No idea about Tokage but again, I’ve got such a long ways to go, heh.

  • Wow these spam attacks recently…

    • Yep, had to remove account registration on the wiki again ~_~ le sigh. Had this problem with past ones too.

  • Still on it?

    • If you mean translating, yes, slowly.

  • Merry chistmas seki-san, hope your life is well, still looking forward for the translation!

    • Merry Christmas o/ I could do with this year being over ~_~

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