• real life is a damn beast for everyone I guess.

  • Thanks for all of your hard work so far, its really appreciated.

  • Glad to hear from you in any way. Good luck with the job. Job switching is no fun.

  • yeah, glad this project is not dead already. take your time… ^^

  • Everyone has those times when you are just so busy that you even forget how to spell leisure time.

    Anyway I’m glad to hear you are still posting and just writing to tell you that you have done a wonderful job (just read all of it last summer), and like the others are saying take your time because this is a hobby, not a duty.

    I hope your lifestyle settles down (if that’s what you wish for),


  • Thanks for the translations so far! Just finished the last one and I have to say it’s a pleasant series, but I catch myself thinking that the last two volumes were a bit underwhelming, excluding the “behind the scenes” afterword. I wonder if the whole series goes downhill from here. I hope someone would translate the monogatari series as diligently.

    Anyway, I’m grateful for translating this far, it’s a rare thing nowadays. Wish you all the best!

    • Hallo, if it helps I think most people consider the Zaregoto series’ “mystery” books the most underwhelming… so that’d be 1, 2, 4, and 5. I think people put up more with 2 because of Zerozaki and 1 because it was the start of the series, but people go “ehhh…” at 4 and 5 because frankly it feels more like a sidestory with a pretty bleh mystery section. 6 is considered one of the favorites (which is why it’s sad I got busy right at the start of it), and 7-8-9 garner mixed reviews. I think the real “meat” of the series ends up being in the ningen spin-off series, but it’ll be a lot of effort to get there :(

      • Definitely true for Psycho and Nekosogi being on the weak side, but Kubishime is actually the one with the highest reviews on most blogs and sites like Amazon…

  • Hey I’m not sure if there is a better way of contacting you or not, but long story short I’m planning on writing a paper on Nishio Ishin for a journalism class and I was wondering if you’d would be available and willing for an email interview?

    I need a couple of sources for my paper and you (obviously) work closely with his… work so I was hoping you would be able to help describe his writing style and your opinions on his popularity?

    If not I understand and I hope you keep up the work.


  • Your work is amazing, thank you so much for translating this series. I’d only found a Spanish translation with a few chapters done, so not only was it incomplete, but I find english reading to be more fluid, so I’m very grateful for your work. Have a nice day, Seki :D

  • I just finished your translations of Zaregoto volume 3-5. I loved being able to read such a great series. Thank you so much for having done this! Let me know if I can support your effort for the later volumes.

  • Please, show some signs of life. ;_;

    • trying >_>

      • Oh bb gurl, you’re alive, thank God.

  • thanks so much for the translations they’re amazing!! hope you’re doing well and come back soon :)

  • Where can I download Zaregoto?I can´t see any link or download button.

  • Every now and then I check these comments to reassure myself you’re alive and find it funny how I will never see you yet I place such a high importance in your life and well-being. Stay healthy, I’ll be waiting for you forever so no need to rush!

  • May my prayers be heard, I can’t find any links for vol 5 chapters, that are going after 1st. There’s only first chapter, and then the main pages says it is fully translated, but I can’t get to see where exactly can I read it, or download it. Maybe be I’m just too stupid?

    • Never realized but I used two different numbering schemes… the “vol 5” I referred to was book 2 of “vol 4”, sorry :[

  • So are you still translating things? Your last update on wiki was in the end of February so that’s why I’m asking that.

    • I’m still here… but adjusting to life with a longer commute has been tough :(

  • Does the tattoo of hitoshiki has any meaning and/or name? Looks cool, do you have any large res wallpaper of it? I can only find low res version of it :(
    Thanks in advance

  • Does hitoshiki’ s tattoo has any name/ meaning? And do you have any hi res picture of it? I can only find the low res ones :(
    Thanks in advamce

    • Don’t think it has any meaning, just huke being huke.

  • I cant find the phenomeno translation it is always saying page not found i appreciate your work and sorry for the inconvenience

  • Just finished the last book. What an unbelievable ending. Truly Nisio at his finest. Hope you can pick up the TL again sometime soon– really looking forward to the next book.

  • Did you die? I need volume 6 in my life. Also, any plans to translate the Zerozaki spin off?

    • Still alive, still stabilizing free time x_X

      I don’t want to get ahead of myself in speculating on Ningen series…

      • You aren’t allowed to die until you translate volume 6. Fight.

  • I’m really big fan you Zaregoto series and your translation. I hope some day you will finish all of those books. Is there any way of encouraging you? :)

  • Just wanted to remind you we all love your work out here, hope you stay healthy and take care, I will patiently wait as long as it takes :)

  • Hello there! My friend and I were wondering if we could do an external proofread of your translation (while crediting you) to match the style of the official translated novels! I hope that’s all right, we just wanted to ask for your permission first.

    • Go for it~

  • Hey i was wondering if you had notes on the previous volumes that you’ve translated that you would be willing to share, for studying purposes. If you could help out that would be awesome.

    • What do you mean by notes?

  • How are things going for you? Any idea when you can continue with the translations?

    • Doing ok… will try soon but I’ve said that before ;_;

  • Hello, Seki!

    I wish you good luck with… life, I think, hahaha.

    I have a question and I hope you could help me: in the wikia, the link for the Vol 5 (Cannibalism Magic)… can you make a epub/PDF with both chapters/everything? Carnival (man-eater) is missing.

    And, please, continue with the translation.

    • I think it’s missing because I never finished :(

      • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I got it now, sorry for my mistake.

  • We all still believe in you! Take your time, have fun and lead a healthy lifestyle!

  • Awaiting for your return.

  • Hey any plans for an update?

    • Still can’t make any promises /sigh
      Life sucks.

      • Cheer up, I know it’s easier said than done but everyone has problems. You’ll work it out eventually. We will just keep waiting.

  • Considering how things look now, I think it would be a good idea to get another translator involved with translating volume 6. Surely there must be another Japanese-to-English translator somewhere who would be willing to do some work on Zaregoto, at least bit by bit on the side if not as a full-scale project. Perhaps this could be a secondary translator and Seki reviews the work after it’s done as a quality checker. I’m not really connected with these translating communities, but whoever knows people who work on Baka-Tsuki and things like that, I suggest asking around or making threads on forums to request involvement.

    • I’d like to help translate actually, and i own the whole series, but i’m only learning right now and can’t even read them right now, let alone translate. i was gonna bring it up to seki in a year or so when i could actually help him

  • Admin (Seki), I wanted to ask you, are you still interested in continuing Phenomeno at all? I recently created an English page for the series on Baka-Tsuki to try to get other translators involved in translating the Phenomeno series.
    Also, do you mind if we transfer all of your translated Phenomeno text for volume 1 to Baka-Tsuki? (You’re listed as a translator under the name Suiminchuudoku, so you are getting credit). If we do that, others could pick off where you left off.

    • Hiya, I’ve probably got my hands full with Zaregoto, so go for it.

      • Okay, wonderful. Well, I’m not a translator myself, just somebody who hopes to see more of the series. So there’s no guarantee that anyone at Baka-Tsuki will take up the job anytime soon, but at least now it’s an open possibility.

  • How far are you into vol.6? ;__;

    • Not very /sigh

  • Since there’s no discussion whatsoever about thia series, I’ll just ask here.

    So Utsurugi Gaisuke is never die in the first place? And the one who died then ….that Koutari guy? (Volume 5)

    • That is correct.

  • Hey Seki. Let me tell you a short story. No, that’s not quite right. Let me put some nonsense into words. There. Much better.

    Being halfway through volume 4, when I woke up this morning, I realized: “Oh fuck! Do I just stop reading after volume 5 or what?!”. There is no better nonsense than unfinished nonsense. The worst.

    Is your current RL situation perhaps connected to having to work your ass off to make enough money to the point, where you are just too exhausted / have no free time to continue translating? You do seem to repeatedly return and post comments, so don’t tell me you don’t want to continue translating. I won’t accept it as truth!

    In that case, why don’t you just join Patreon or other similar crowdfunding platform? Look. This post was created more than one year ago and even now there are still new comments about people expressing their needs for Zaregoto. I mean, people pay for their shortcakes and that’s hardly important for their lives (no offense to shortcakes). There are people who continually shell out 100$ for booster box of every new released set of Magic cards and where does that even begin to compare with volume of Zaregoto? This world seriously needs more nonsense!

    The freaking Del Rey gave us what? Two volumes? They even needed two different translators for that. And then they went all: “No business case.” You already gave us three volumes! For absolutely nothing. And that even includes the heroic ordeal of translating lines of that cheeky Ichihime, the one who absolutely cannot use grammar. And some of those translated lines even made sense! The rest now should be just a shortcake, right? You translated through Hanging High School and didn’t hang yourself. You hanged in there! punpun

    People seriously buy first volume for 60+$ now, cause it is freaking out of stock everywhere. Just think about it. Let us take care of you! More sleep for you, more Zaregoto for us, more shortcake for everyone.

    And don’t think that you are just asking people for money. You are just giving them a way how to get more of their pure nonsense fix and letting them put some value behind it. Just give it a shot and see how much people actually care. If they don’t care enough, then good, you’ll at least get rid of that remorse feeling and will be able to move on.

    Or, you know, just do it for me, okay? ….. And don’t make me write such emo comments! I seriously hate you now!

  • I miss you ;(

  • The eBook version of Ballad of the Soon-to-be-Executed has incomplete chapter Day 2 (3) – Hypocrite Diary. It ends early with line:
    “And then the elevator door shut, and I could feel the vibration of the electric motor.” Rest of the chapter is missing.

    • Hmm, unfortunately I wasn’t the one that made the ebook versions. I can take a look at it but I can’t really promising having a solution to convert into ebook format anytime soon… sorry :(

      • No problem. I read it from site :) I just wanted to report it, so perhaps someone recreates it sometime.

        Also, welcome back I guess <3

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