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  • Thanks for your work!

  • As always, thank you!

  • Thank you, again >.<


  • Whoa, whoa! Zaregoto chapters! Awesome, thank you so much!

  • Thanks for your continuing translation efforts!

  • I am grateful for this work of yours.

    NisiOisin has haunted me for years since reading his 2 Zaregoto LNs, and upon discovery of this site I have seen more of his unusual horrors.

    Again, thanks.

  • will you be translating the first volumes at some point?

    • Doubt it… even if I did it’d be a long before I could come back to tie that end up :x

  • zaregoto got anime adaptation ><

    • Oh yeaaaaaaah!

  • I heard about this novel a long time ago but since I had never found a translator group, I just forgot about it. And after the news about the anime, I found this.
    So I want to say that I appreciate your work and thanks.

  • Hey, just wanted to say that I appreciate your job here, thank you. I’m waiting for the next chapter (actually I’m still in volume 3 :P)

  • Thank You so much!!!!

  • uhm, are you still translating the series or is planning to do so? well, i hope you do. thank you

    • Hope so soon >_<

  • Hope you’re doing well! Those nisio puns can’t beat you!

  • Do you accept donation?

  • Hey cutie, how you doin’?

  • Thanks for the work! By the way, it’s already 8 months since the last chapter (6-2). I hope the next chapter’ll be finished soon.

  • I’m sorry if this may sound intruding or pushy, that would in no way be my intention, but will the translations ever be continued and if yes, is there a certain date when?

    • Probably more my fault than any pushiness on your end ;p
      I’m actually surprised no one picked up translating especially after the anime announcement. Guess that means I need to keep going. Will try… time’s always sort of an issue for me so we’ll see :( (what happens when you start translating as a student and then start working…

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