• Hey, I am really glad to see you finish another chapter. I wohld for tbis project to see its end. If you’d like any help I can do my best as well and help with editing, or some (albeit somewhat rough) TL or at the least TLC.
    Either way, thank you for continuing, please do keep going!

  • Thanks for coming back! Love your work

  • many thanks bro you saved lives with this ._.

  • Thanks for the update! I’m so happy to find someone working on this series.

  • Seki! You’re alive! Thank Madoka for that! I hope you keep with the good work… so, do you have something to say about the official (re)translation of Zaregoto?

    • Honestly with my time situation looking the way it is, the sooner than overtake me the more relieved I’ll be :p

  • Noice…
    While waiting for Vertical to translate the series I will finish it here first (thanks god they take it over fro

  • Just wanna ask, actually, how many chapters are there in this volume?

    • 11 >_< I've got a ways to go.

      • How much time needed approximately for each chapter to translate?

  • I love you.

  • Man, I’m really glad to see that this technically isn’t dead. It would be great to see you take this all the way to the end.

  • I hope you’re doing well, cutie.

  • Please obi wan you’re my only hope…

  • I still believe in you.

  • Still believing.

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