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Jan 24, 2013 - Uncategorized    12 Comments

All content moved over, new ACL for permissions, finally

Didn’t mean to do it tonight but whatever.

All content should be moved over now – let me know if there’s anything missing. The old one is still up for now but I’ll be removing it in the next few days after I make sure nothing’s missing.

I’d rather not have had to resort to this (as it sorta goes against the point of it being a wiki ._.) but I guess if anyone wants to get editor permissions let me know… preferably in a comment in any of the blog posts, as WordPress does a better job of letting me know I have a message than wiki. Didn’t think spambots/vandals would be this annoying *sigh*

Jan 23, 2013 - Uncategorized    8 Comments

Sliding Phenomeno’s last chap in before continuing Zaregoto, also probably using a diff wiki script

Belatedly realized someone had commented a link to the last Phenomeno chap to me, so I’ll work on that before continuing Zaregoto. Probably over the weekend, as work’s been busy of late. As a reminder to myself >

Also WikkaWiki’s been nice to me but the ACL is horrendous (yargh vandals), and the user extensions support for it is also horrendous, so I may be replacing it with something else (MediaWiki gives me permission issues when setting it up and I’m lazy). That may or may not change the URL of the wiki, depending on how I back up stuff, and/or the current wiki may go down for a bit when I work on transferring info.

Just an FYI post of sorts~ probably won’t have much time to do all this until the weekend but we’ll see.