Jul 27, 2013 - Translation, Zaregoto    15 Comments

Zaregoto 5-1 done

Emergency product release x2 @ work = dead.

Finally done with chapter one, which brings us 1/5 done with the vol. Le sigh.

Not sure yet what to do with Phenomeno… I said I might alternate chapters but Phenomeno chapters are really long…

May 9, 2013 - Translation, Zaregoto    39 Comments

Zaregoto volume 4 done



Say it ain’t so!
On a side note, as like an official word on Phenomeno, I’m thinking about it. Starting with the previous work, whatever it was called. I don’t want to commit to it because I’m slow enough with Zaregoto, which has a long ways to go, but I have been pondering buying the books and working on them on the side. If someone else wants to translate them instead though, by all means, I’m not exactly clawing over people for dibs :p

Feb 23, 2013 - Translation, Zaregoto    21 Comments

Zaregoto 4-2 done

At long last. Although this time I blame the Phenomeno interjection :3
Mostly a conversation chapter. Almost halfway done with this volume actually~!

I should probably add that another blog update probably won’t come for a while. The next chapter is 80(!) pages, and the first section is 40 pages. I’ll ponder breaking the “post after every chapter” rule for that section though… we’ll see. If I don’t post for a while that’s why.

Feb 4, 2013 - Phenomeno, Translation    51 Comments

Phenomeno “Raven Notes” complete

And it is here. That should? wrap up Phenomeno for good, I think. Enjoy.

Also I apologize, I feel like (probably rightfully so to be honest >_>) my translation speed is inversely proportional to the busy-ness of work. Nyargh. It’ll be a rocky ride until my March deadline.

Jan 24, 2013 - Uncategorized    12 Comments

All content moved over, new ACL for permissions, finally

Didn’t mean to do it tonight but whatever.

All content should be moved over now – let me know if there’s anything missing. The old one is still up for now but I’ll be removing it in the next few days after I make sure nothing’s missing.

I’d rather not have had to resort to this (as it sorta goes against the point of it being a wiki ._.) but I guess if anyone wants to get editor permissions let me know… preferably in a comment in any of the blog posts, as WordPress does a better job of letting me know I have a message than wiki. Didn’t think spambots/vandals would be this annoying *sigh*