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Zaregoto Series

Volume 1: Decapitation Cycle クビキリサイクル
The Blue Savant and the User of Nonsense (official release) 青色サヴァンと戯言遣い
 * Iriya's name probably comes from the Iliad, while her sister Odessa is presumed to come from Odyssey, both works by Homer.
 * The maids' surname, Chiga, is presumed to be a play on "Blood is," which is then followed by their names, all of which are a play on "light."
 * Rei's name can also be read as Panta rhei, as it is Handa Rei.
Volume 2 Strangulation Romantist クビシメロマンチスト
"Human Failure" Zerozaki Hitoshiki (official release) 人間失格・零崎人識
 * Zerozaki Hitoshiki's first name is presumably because he is the equal of the user of nonsense. "An equal" can be written "hitoshiki" (等しき).
 * Aoii Mikoko (葵井巫女子 - Blue Well / Shrine Maiden Child) was originally named Aoi Miko (青井巫女 - Blue Well Shrine Maiden), and the "blue" came from Kunagisa Tomo.
 * Atemiya Muimi's surname comes from Utsuho Monogatari, and Muimi means "meaningless."
 * Ikaruga and Ayaminami are both taken from names of places in Japan. Nishio Ishin himself said he didn't consider these particularly original names.
Volume 3 Hanging High School クビツリハイスクール
The Apprentice of the User of Nonsense 戯言遣いの弟子
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Volume 4 Psychological サイコロジカル
Utsurigi Gaisuke's Nonsense-Killing 兎吊木垓輔の戯言殺し
eBook version
Ballad of the Soon-to-be-Executed 曳かれ者の小唄
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Volume 5 Cannibalism Magical ヒトクイマジカル
The Niounomiya Siblings of Massacre Magic 殺戮奇術の匂宮兄妹
Volume 6 Uprooting Radical ネコソギラジカル
The Thirteen Stairs 十三階段
Overkilled Red vs. Orange See 赤き征裁 vs. 橙なる種
The Blue Savant and the User of Nonsense 青色サヴァンと戯言遣い